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Speedtest - Test your ADSL Speed

Here you can run a speed test for your ADSL connection. This test is straightforward, quick and completely free of charge. To start the speed test, click on BEGIN TEST below. The test will then load. The results are normally displayed in a few seconds for you to see.

ADSL speed test

Please note the following about the DSL speed test: due to the fact that the result of a DSL speed check will always depend on a number of factors, the test result may not always be perfectly correct. Consequently, the measurement should only be treated as a guide value.

Please make sure that other Internet applications are closed during the measurement, as running additional applications could deliver an incorrect result.
How does the measurement work?

During the speed test a test file will be loaded into your browser. After approx. 10 seconds the test will check the volume of data which has been loaded. Based on the elapsed time and the volume of data loaded, it is then possible to determine the approximate ADSL speed. One important aspect here is that the server which supplies the test file needs to be fast. We use dedicated high-performance servers to do this in an effort to ensure that the result is as accurate as possible.

Launch ADSL check

Click on START SPEEDTEST in the field below to start the test. Please measure the DSL speed with other services as well.



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